Create your Mini monsters flyer for free

Your free flyer is almost finished! All you have to do is complete the text fields and validate. Be careful, the size of the font adapts to the number of characters: the more words there are, the smaller the font; be careful not to make sentences too long ... If you want a maximum of customization options, opt for our advanced flyer generator.

You can watch this youtube how-to in french.

Mini monsters


Advanced Mini monsters flyer generator

You can customize your free Mini monsters even more: fill in the text and choose the color, size, font ... and click on the "Add text" button. Position the text box anywhere on the picture! If you need help, visit the How to page.

flyer Mini monsters

Add Text to the flyer

You can enter text here. Type the text in the box, choose the options and click the button.

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Delete the different texts or images by clicking on the trash can next to the item to be removed from the flyer.

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Finalize the flyer

model for inspiration

Modèle du flyer Mini monsters