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Tutorials - How to design a flyer

First, select a template (advanced mode). For this example, we will choose "Sunglasses".

Capture tuto

That's what you will see...

Capture tuto 1

Next step: add text. Fill in the text field and choose the color (fill and border), size, font... Then, click on the "Add text" button.

Capture tuto 2

Different icons appear with the text. You can increase, decrease, apply a rotation, edit or delete your text by clicking on them. Position the text box anywhere on the picture (drag and drop)!

Capture tuto 3

For this tutorial, we will change the border color and the size. Then click on the "Edit text" button

Capture tuto 4

We want to add an image (your logo or a QR code for example)... Just click on the button under "Add image" to select a file.

Capture tuto 5

You can also delete, increase or decrease images

Capture tuto 6

Time to play! Mix different fonts, colors, sizes... You can do whatever you want. When you're proud of your flyer, just click on the "Generate flyer" button.

Capture tuto 7