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Tutorials - How to design a flyer

First, select a template (advanced mode). For this example, we will choose "Sunglasses".

That's what you will see...

Next step: add text. Fill in the text field and choose the color (fill and border), size, font... Then, click on the "Add text" button.

Different icons appear with the text. You can increase, decrease, apply a rotation, edit or delete your text by clicking on them. Position the text box anywhere on the picture (drag and drop)!

For this tutorial, we will change the border color and the size. Then click on the "Edit text" button

We want to add an image (your logo or a QR code for example)... Just click on the button under "Add image" to select a file.

You can also delete, increase or decrease images

Time to play! Mix different fonts, colors, sizes... You can do whatever you want. When you're proud of your flyer, just click on the "Generate flyer" button.